Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Words That Sell

Recently a competitor had the courage to contact me and ask me why their ad copy wasn't doing very well.

It was easy to see. The message of the ad was soft.

A soft message is great if your market is soccer moms.

But if your market is those who are interested in becoming 1000x SMARTER, STRONGER, DEADLIER and MORE EFFECTIVE in the REAL WORLD, your message needs to be PENETRATING.

Otherwise, it won't jump out and grab their attention.

If your message is soft and unfocused, it will not sell.

It'd be like trying to hit someone in the balls with a pillow, and hitting them on the leg instead.

No pain. No gain. (as far as "getting the message across" goes)

Hard and focused, like a solid nard-smashing knee to the balls...

...now THAT's where the money is!

Also, that is WHAT and HOW I teach:

Whatever your goal...

HIT the target, WIN the trophy.

Smash the Pinata, collect the candy.

Capiche? Comprende? Understand?

Strike the root!

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Unlocking the Secrets,

Scott Bolan