Monday, May 4, 2009

Can you explain to me why people (I) have so much trouble with Communication?

As you probably guessed by now, I like definitions. The number one definition for communication is “an act of transmitting”. It implies ONE WAY and has no mention of content of what was transmitted. The number three definition is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior”. I like this one.

By focusing on two points you will greatly enhance the ways to communicate. Point one is information exchanged. Point two is the common system. In human communication and understanding human communication it requires a certain level of common language which includes environmental background. If a very religious person wants to clearly communicate their views with someone who does not have the same upbringing, then it is the responsibility of the speaker to learn and adapt to the audience to communicate with clarity.

If two people are engaged in interpersonal communication and want to be effective and they come from different economic backgrounds, then each must be aware and use that knowledge to be most effective in communication. They must also be aware of their non verbal and verbal communication. For Example, if a person is saying “yes” while shaking their head “no”. This non verbal communication should be noticed and determined whether it is a symbol or sign which is not congruent.

So to effectively communicate or communicate well, one should always consciously have a purpose and know the model of the world of the person or audience.

Also remember, when you are talking to a person, there are two people listening and one of them is you. Pay attention to your “self talk” and change it. All these together will allow you to communicate with confidence.

Advertising is a similar situation. To know if you are effectively communicating, you must have feedback, the other part of the information exchange. The feedback is sales or questions.

Am I communicating effectively with you? I can look at orders and questions coming back from you. If what I have to offer does not resonate with you, you will unsubscribe. If you like what you read and use it, if you feel good when you read, when you see something that rings true, you just know inside you want more, can you smell the sweet smell of success, then you will buy a product from us. If the products produce results for you, you will come back for more. Does that make cents and dollars?