Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Not Easy

I’m Not Easy

They were getting to know each other. There were two couples and the lady had brought a friend and so had the guy. The two guests were talking. She was doing the typical posturing and he had some training in dealing with the initial grilling most guys get.

All of a sudden she pops up and says, “I’m Not Easy.” How does our guy respond. He gives somewhat typical yet humorous and tantalizing answer, “Whoa, that is amazing because I’m Not Easy Either”

He called and wanted to know how he could have handled it differently.

I reminded him to listen and remember to use what she gives you.

Is “I’m Not Easy” an identity statement she is making. If so what does it mean. Does it mean that, “She is Difficult” or that, “She is hard.” So you can use these corollaries.

She says, “I’m Not Easy”

You say, “What does that mean” or “Does that mean that you are difficult” or “Does that mean that you are a hard woman”

Or does it mean in this case, which he found out a little later, that she is a gold digger and expects you or any other man to spend a significant amount of money on her if they expect any chance of sex”

You may find out that she is NOT EASY because she has a lot of mental problems and sees a shrink once a week to bitch about the last relationship.

Then I reminded him that if this is a pattern with him that he is attracting gold diggers to support an underlying belief about women.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't Call Me Babe.

Don’t Call Me Babe

Tony made a mistake when he called her Babe. Or Did He. In many parts of the country especially the South, it is common for men and women to refer to someone they are talking to as “Honey.” It is just the polite, warm, light way of addressing you when they don’t know your name. “Well, Honey, the grits are great this morning and every morning for that matter.”
“Babe” is a similar and is used mostly by guys referring to you are their close girlfriend when you may or may not be. It is also used by women referring to their man. Remember Sonny and Cher, “I Got You Babe.” Times have changed. “Gay” has gone from happy to homosexual to something else that I can’t get teenagers to explain. Although it seems to mean Stupid today.

Anyway, when Tony referred to the young lady he just met as “Babe”, she took it in a negative way. A new time Tony, wake up.

In Tony’s defense, he did strike a revealingly important cord with her. She promptly informed him that she was NOT EASY. But That is for tomorrow.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sensual Romantic Tip and Sensual Arousal - A Start

Sensual Romantic Tip and Sensual Arousal - A Start

Steve called today and wanted to discuss approaching a woman from an angle. “Wow,” he said, “I just heard a seduction coach say that you should approach a woman at an angle from the front. I did it and it worked.” “Wow,” I said, “did he explain it.” He Replied, “No he is just very observant I think and is on to something”
I explained. Have you ever watched National Geographic or any of the Animal shows on TV. It is true in all the animal kingdom. Direct approach, eye to eye, is confrontational. It is predator versus prey. They are determining which is which. Watch the classic shows as the hyenas circle the lions. Approaching at an angle shows mutual respect and flirting. There is a comfort and sensual arousal that naturally takes place with the angle approaching. There is also a significant difference just in shifting the eyes so that the right eye is looking into the right eye even in close conversation. And when the left eye is looking into the left eye. That’s for tomorrow.

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