Monday, February 28, 2011

Astonishing Use of Speed Seduction®!!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

One of the very great joys for me in teaching this technology Is how my very best and brightest students will use it, NOT just for getting hot women, but in other areas of life.

When tools and ways of thinking work beyond a specific area, but can be adopted for many of life's challenges, you KNOW you are on to something.

So I got this email I HAD to share about how I guy took what he learned and used to control his fear in a VERY stressful situation.

Remember, as you read this, what I have said time and again:


From: Chris Williams To: Subject: Letter from a very satisfied customer

Good morning Mr. Jeffries,

I just now got back from an amazing experience, and I wanted to thank you for your part in it.

I got home from the hospital a few hours ago after having our first baby. While it is true that I meet my wife using the tools I developed with the Basic SS Home Study course in 1999, that is not the reason I am writing.

I bought the Home Study Course last spring, and one of the many great things I learned from that was handling fear. My word when I have the feelings that I used to call fear is "texhad". This re-frames the sensations I have in body that I used to call feeling fear as being anticipation of a "thrilling, exciting adventure".

Texhad was the word that kept going through my mind as I was driving my wife to the hospital. When we arrived there, they had some challenging news for us. The baby already had her first bowel movement and had contaminated the amniotic fluid. In technical terms, the danger was that she would aspirate the merconium. This can be very serious. One of my good friend's son did this, and he was in the neo-natal intensive care for a week before they were sure he would live.

While my wife was crying when we heard this news, I discovered that I did not automatically react. Instead of immediately allowing my feelings to be effected by this news, I was able to get into a monitoring state and cause my response. I was able to choose that this was going to the adventure part of the day's "thrilling, exciting adventure", and I can honestly
say that I was never scared at any time.

Twenty-four hours later when our OB announced that my wife was exhausted after three hours of pushing and we had to go to the OR for a C-section, I turned down another chance to be scared. I was able to ride out the adventure, strongly support my wife without a trace of doubt of fear in my reactions, and at the end we were rewarded with a beautiful and perfectly healthy
baby girl.

The main thing I have learned from this is that the end result was almost certainly going to be the same either way. The only difference was going to be what sort of ride I took getting from the beginning to the end. I chose to have fun, and so I did.

I honestly thank you for that.

Your very grateful client,

Chris Williams

Dear Chris,

Now, what can you say when you get fan-mail like THAT? Except that being a leader; someone who is in control of HIMSELF, instead of obsessively trying to control women, is what REALLY attracts great women into your life AND makes you worthwhile being in theirs! That's a win-win for EVERYONE!

That's it for this issue.

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries

P.S. You can learn to have the same self-control, peace of mind, and natural leadership that makes you a great mate AND attract hot women! Just go to:

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Super-Success Issue

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I am interrupting the normal flow of Speed Seduction(R) newsletters to bring you a very important message that I feel simply CANNOT wait.

You see, from time to time, I get incredible testimonials from students who are using the SS material to truly.....

...Change Their Lives And KICK BUTT WITH WOMEN!

Yesterday, I got the following email from Ryan D, and I feel I had to share it with you because his results are not only dramatic, but more importantly...

.....He Goes Into Which Specific Techniques Got What Specific Results With The Women He Really Wanted!

So, here, unedited, is the testimonial from Ryan. And if YOU want to get the results he is getting, you can always to to:

Here it is:

I have been using Ross's material since 1997, after a woman whom I thought I had loved totally rejected me. I was 20 at the time.

Sitting in a pool of rejection and self-doubt, I did what my parents had taught me to do in any type of failure: learn as much as you can about the subject and re-attack. I started to read anything and everything I could on meeting and dating women. Unfortunately, most of the material out there is written by touchy-feely types (mostly women or emasculated men) and fails to get down to a REAL way to bridge the communication gap between men and women. In one such article, I did read something that one of the authors said that modern men need to learn more about the art of "seduction". That word struck a chord somewhere in one of my subconscious harmonics, and I became very interested in the idea o f seduction. Up until then, everyone had been telling me "just be yourself", "it has to just happen", "it happens when you are not looking", and "just be patient". This idea of "seduction" implied to me that a process and techniques actually existed to get the things I wanted and at the same time give the things women wanted to them. It wasn't long before I simply typed into my web-browser, and I was opened up to the world of Speed Seduction. When the student is ready, the master appears.

I bought the first book "How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed", and simply using techniques to elicit deeper structures in a person's thought processes during conversation, I met a wonderful young lady on the my flight home for Christmas Break. We lived in totally different parts of the world, but that didn't stop her from
driving four hours from New Jersey to see me when a trip brought me to Washington, D.C., and this is just from a plane conversation, and a few emails. I was hooked. I bought all the products; I listened to the home-study courses again and again. I became known as "the pick-up artist" in my circle of friends.

Which is not to say that learning how to meet and seduce women was not a difficult process, even with Ross's tools, it requires a commitment. You get through one layer of your difficult issues (like approaching women), and you find another challenge behind that one. If you find the persistence to get through them all, there are spectacular rewards waiting for you. In the SS-community, though, there are so many others (Ross included) who have been where you are at, and they have gotten through the labyrinth. The path is thoroughly known, and the maps for navigation do exist.

I eventually went to a seminar, and my success just sky-rocketed. One night during the seminar, just for fun, I decided to try and use the SS-tools to have the singer at a blues club invite me to come up on stage to sing. I started off by getting into a very good rapport with her, and she approached me after the first set was done. I eventually said to her, "if you were to ask me nicely, I might be convinced to come up and sing." She quickly convinced the rest of the band. While on stage, I focused all my energy on connecting with the room. I had folks telling me that it was the best version they had ever heard of the song I did (Mustang Sally), people were buying me beer, women were grabbing me and pulling me out on the dance floor. It was incredible.

I could go and brag about all the successes with women I have had, (which have been amazing), like the 20-year-old Japanese cutie that I met at Thanksgiving Dinner at my new boss's house that ended up blowing me in my boss's kitchen about 2 hours after I met her, or the bi-sexual actress I met on Internet that forced me into the back of my 4X4 in the parking lot at Starbucks after our first coffee date, or the amazing-legged Lithuanian girl who would shower me with both gifts and her affection, but the more important thing has been the cascading effects that this has had on all of my life. These tools of Ross and Yates teach you how to look at the world through eyes of possibility. You see how many people are stuck in life, just drifting, and while you may feel sorry for them, you have confidence that will never be you.

I have used this in so many other areas. I was trying to help a girl run faster so she could pass a fitness test for the Air Force, and I got her to create a state for things she really loves doing and then link that state to running. She took three minutes off her time. At one point I was a suspect in a criminal investigation (I didn't do it), and I used rapport strategies and eye-accessing
techniques to get a good rapport with the agents interviewing me. It was so successful that not only were they thoroughly convinced I didn't commit the crime, but the female agent wanted to set me up on a date with her supervisor.

The biggest mistake people make about judging Ross's students is to say that they are a bunch of sleaze balls that want to learn how to manipulate and psychologically subdue women. Based on the two seminars I have attended, I would say that nothing is farther from the truth. The people that I meet at the seminars are a big factor in why I keep going to them (and will continue to into the future). These people are the type of people seriously invested in becoming the best that they can become. Sex and seduction may bring them to this material, but there is so much more to it than that. Most of these men truly love women, but are baffled on how to communicate with them, so that both the men and women involved get the things they want and need (guess what women like sex too!).

Another thing I want to comment on about Ross is that he does have a great deal of heart, and that is so evident in the way he teaches in person. He doesn't set up a grand stage and liken himself to a god or religious figure (like some other people in this field might do). He sets things up on a very personal level. He holds his seminars in modest meeting halls in hotels. He has stools in front, not a stage. He'll go to lunch one-on-one with students, and is infinitely curious about their lives and who they are. He doesn't do this out of ego. He does it because he has a gift, and he loves to teach and give it to others.

There is so much more I can say about the profound effect Ross and Yates have had on my life (and I know they will continue to up into the future), but you really have to sit down and make the choice for yourself. Are you going to pre-disqualify something that you haven't even tried, or are you going to take a chance and try something different that could just change your life? How many of us do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? What if there was another way?

Ryan David,
Albuquerque, NM

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Why aren't YOU getting these results with women?

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I just got TWO emails from students reporting their incredible results with women, using my system, and I HAD to share them with you.

As you read them, and imagine enjoying these results for yourself, you will notice that these guys give SPECIFIC descriptions of the techniques they used from my courses (and also give some juicy details about what the women did to and WITH them as a result!)

I want you to get excited as you read these two emails and wonder, WHEN WILL I BUY MY HOME STUDY COURSE SO I CAN ENJOY THESE RESULTS AS WELL?

Here are the emails:

Hi Ross and Everyone,

An amazing story for me. I met this girl who I went to elementary and middle school with through the Internet. We both used to live in Monterey and grew up around each other, but then I moved to another town and 8 years later we meet in another town.

Story- I instant message girl online, talked for a little while and met the following night. She came over here, I introduced cube game to her, then I talked about how I was learning to be a blissnotist, but I didn't go into detail about it until she came over. I think that made her really curious to meet me. Then I read some poetry and used the loop technique from a newsletter that was sent out before. The we started having wild passionate sex.

Well after we had sex she had mentioned Monterey and how she used to live there and I told her I used to live there, then I asked her what school she went to and the school she named was the same school I went to, then I asked her what her name was again and she said it and I told her I knew someone by that name that went to the same school I went to and that the girl I knew by that name had invited me to go to a special birthday celebration she had for her 15th birthday, where she had to dance at the thing.

Well, I told her I remember telling the girl I knew that I wouldn't go to her birthday celebration cause I was supposed to dance with her but that I didn't know how to dance Spanish music. So I never went.

She then paused and looked shock and then she asked me what was the girls last name that I knew and I told her. She suddenly looked even more shocked and then I was kinda shocked by her shockness. She asked me what my name was and well I use a different name when I meet woman from the Internet, but then I told her my first name and last name and she repeated it and said slowly, with a still shocked look on her face "Oh My God, you're so and so"

Then I pulled out pictures and yearbooks and there we were as youngsters in the yearbooks, me looking like a dork, I always thought she was hot being a cheerleader all throughout the whole time we went to school together. So the mood changed from passionate to being really aware.

We both lived on the same street in Monterey too. She lived just a few houses down from mine. I even described her house to her I, what her yard looked like. I went so far back that I took her to a time when I rode by on my bicycle stopped in front of her house as she was walking towards her front door and smiled at her as she stopped for a second and smiled back. I remembered and described what she was wearing that day. Now we're seeing each other. I've elicited her most important values and they just so happen to match mine which is really good.

Thanks, Ross!


Could use a bit of assistance here... I'll try to be brief but that's not my strong-suit - LOL!

Background - I seem to be having a lot of success with neighbors. 1st night closes with both the woman who lives on top of me and the one in front (my complex is a target rich environment!). (Oh, and Ross - the second one happened days after I got back from LA. Thanks again for your time while I was there, and yes, I know she's also "geographically undesirable", but oh so desirable in every other way!)

The fling with the girl on top lasted a few weeks; we're still friends. She was fun and I enjoyed her, but not what I'm looking for long term. The one in front is another matter. She'd be an HB11 on my uncle's scale (a 9 with money!). She's the topic of this post.

I've known her casually for some time. She's very reclusive and hard to get to know; she's lived in front of me for over a year and a half... Does travel a lot with work, but most of the time you'd never know 'cuz when she is home she's rarely seen. Over the past few months I'd seen a bit more of her. She came out with her niece and nephew to play with my dog one day and we had a good conversation. A couple of weeks later, I was out detailing my car and she again came down to chat (very unusual for her!). The following weekend, she was out cleaning HER car and we started chatting, among other things she said that I'd inspired her (one good sign!). She also asked if I knew who lives above her, because they were up all night partying and having sex she couldn't get any sleep. I blushed, smiled sheepishly and said "That was probably actually us" (the other neighbor had been over the night before, and my bedroom is directly behind this one's...). She replied that if was me she wouldn't complain to the complex, but to get on the floor next time 'cuz my bed squeaks. I ended up trading a wax job (on the car, not her - LOL!) in exchange for her taking me to happy hour. A few days after that I left town for a while so didn't get a chance to take her up on the happy hour for a while.

Two days after I got back from my trip (I did some one-on-one counseling in LA with Marilyn Sargent and spent an afternoon with Ross) I ran into her out front. She invited me to come by later to watch a movie, and I countered with her coming to my place since I've got a nice home theater. She agreed and showed up a bit later. We decided just to talk & get to know each other a bit instead of the movie, which culminated in a late night visit to the Jacuzzi and spending the night at her place (hot sex, pussy breath and all!!!). Only two moments of last minute resistance; on the way to the pool I started holding her hand and she said "Wait a minute. We're holding hands! What about Jeannie (other neighbor)?" I replied, "Jeannie said she wants to see other people." which is true, by the way. That settled that. Then, just as we were getting into bed, she goes, "Hold on, we're neighbors! Doesn't that pose a problem for ... wait, I guess not. Nevermind..."
Brother BB


Now what are you looking for? CHRISTMAS! Call right now and get YOUR Home Study Course and enjoy results like these!

Piece and Peace,


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How To *Lock In* Lasting Self-Confidence With Women!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Over the years, I've had a chance to look at what really
makes permanent, large, personal change possible. I've
watched thousands of guys use my methods to go very rapidly
from no confidence with women at all, to ease, power, grace
and fun with all the women they could possibly desire.

And one of the big things they had in common, in addition
to buying and using my products, is…


They didn't just listen to my products once, or give it a
few tries.


They immersed themselves in the material.

In fact, I've gotten many reports of guys going so far as
to have my, videos, cd's and tapes playing all the time in
every room of their house, apartment or hotel, no matter the
time of day, on multiple tape players, VHS's etc.

Other students (including some of my current top guys)
have said that they took long drives out of town, often
hundreds of miles each way, with the tapes or CD's playing the
entire trip.

Now, personally, I don't think I could stand listening to
my own voice that much!

But immersing yourself in the material, in fact, immersing
yourself when it comes to any truly new way of thinking and
feeling and acting, is probably…

.................A Damn Fine Idea!

Remember, one of my key rules for success and power with
women, which I've repeated over and over:

Use Your Language To Capture And Lead Her Imagination And


If you want incredible success with women, why not purchase
your Speed Seduction® Home Study Course today? Just go to:

Well, the same is true with changing yourself. You've got
to learn to capture and lead your own imagination and emotions
on a consistent basis to take you where you really want to
go! And then follow up with your external behavior, in the
real world, with women!

Anyway, yesterday I got an email from someone who brought
up this very issue. So let's here from this devoted

"Hey Ross, I know you probably get a million emails a day,
but I felt the need to take the time to thank you for the work
you've put in to Speed Seduction and the Unstoppable
Confidence series. I've only received SS 2 days ago, but just
by listening to your exercises on visualization and overcoming
fear and shyness, I can already tell it's having an effect on
the way I perceive myself.

If you happen to get through this and feel like replying,
I'm just wondering if it's normal to feel sort of...hollow, or
feel almost a blank emptiness after doing these exercises?
Seriously, after I listen and study for a while I feel like
I've completely erased a part of myself and it takes a little
getting used to but goes away after a while. Any idea what
I'm talking about, or am I just convincing myself that I
should feel different?

Again, thanks a million and I promise to study hard and
practice as often as I possibly can. :)

-Tim T. New Castle, PA "


Thanks for the kind words. I personally love the
Unstoppable Confidence tapes. They are one of our all time
best sellers, and still, over a decade after I created them in
1994, they stand up as one of my finest products.

While it's great that only after 2 days you are already
noticing some good effects, bear in mind that it takes a while
for big changes to take hold and feel real.

That's not to say you aren't changing already. You are.
It just takes a while for new feelings, new thoughts and new
behaviors to "feel like the real you". Most studies show
that, in fact, the time period for new ways of thinking,
feeling and acting to "set" and feel "natural" is 21 days.

My suggestion is to keep on listening to the UC Tapes and
keep doing the exercises. It takes some consistent(but not
heroic or hard) effort to get change going. And for goodness
sakes, make sure you are a member of the Speed Seduction
on-line discussion group where you can get 24 hour support,
encouragement and ANSWERS to your questions! Yours for free
when you buy your Delux or Basic Home Study Course. Just click
here at:

That's it for this issue. Keep practicing, keep capturing
imagination and emotion (your own and womens') and keep on
keeping on!

Peace and piece,


P.S. Your success with women is waiting for you. Just go to:

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