Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Belief does Not require something to be True.

A belief does not require something to be true. A belief only requires us to believe that something is true. Which means that most of what reality is to each of us is based on what we have come to believe – whether it’s true or not is really our own opinion. The belief that we have about anything is so powerful that it can even make something appear to be something completely and totally different than it really is.

Anything worth doing is worth doing.

Comparison and Contrast

Anything worth doing is worth doing (Badly or Right). If at first you don’t succeed then (Quit or try, try again).

There is no TRY. There is only DO.

If at first you don’t succeed then look at what you did and DO something different next time.

I am responsible for my own outcomes.

Comparison and Contrast

Others are responsible for my good and bad fortune. I am simply a victim of circumstances. (Bad or Good)

Work is a magnificent adventure.

Comparison and Contrast

Work is something we must tolerate until vacation. A job is something you must do to pay the bills. Or as one person put it once, JOB is Just Over Broke

In every adversity are hidden seeds of victory / opportunity.

Comparison and Contrast

Adversity is nature’s signal that you are about to lose.

Things don’t get better by accident; things get better by appropriate action.

Comparison and Contrast

You are either lucky or you are not lucky. Some are born with it and some are not born with it.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you prepared and looking for opportunity?

If I give others what they want and need, then they will give me what I want 3 and need, or “As ye sow so shall ye reap,” or “What goes around comes around.”

Comparison and Contrast

Only when somebody starts giving me what I want and need will I help them too.

The Universe Will Provide

Commitment is the key to excellence

Comparison and Contrast

Commitment limits me too much.

The MORE committed you are the more GOOD things seem.

The LESS committed you are to something the MORE difficult things seem.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Powerful Words of Wisdom

Scott Bolan Speaks:

Some of these will upset some of you. But those who know, will see. And seeing, will conquer!

• Your emotional response transfers control to your agitator.

• Beware of the vote that appeals to emotion.

• Adam did not lead, he followed. And he lost paradise.

• Life is made of Energy. The wise protect it and cultivate it.

• Energy is primarily leaked through thought and speaking.

• Only when we leave the Mechanical, can we begin to enter the Spiritual

• Awareness exists outside of the mechanical

• Turn off the chatterbox of your mind, then you can expand your peripheral vision and "see" the attacker before he even makes a move! The same goes with opportunities...

• Never Emotionally Invest in the Prideful Greedy Jealous or Self-Righteous, they will take you for granted and blame you if they fail.

• Never say what you don't want to happen, for example "I'm worried that you'll steal my idea." By saying so, you may be planting the seed of thought in their minds for them to steal your idea, whereas they may have never thought of it had you not mentioned it.
• Speak Powerfully, not timidly. Say what you mean with no doubt fear worry or hesitation.

• Think Powerfully! When you are thinking fearfully timidly or delusional, say out loud "stop! think Powerfully!"

• No negative friends.

• Character is the basis for relationship. Not religion, race or creed. The question is: what is their character? After establishing that, Intelligence is the basis for continued relationship! The question is: are they intelligent?

• When the attacker trying to kill you is so strong and big they seem impossible to hurt? Target "BENT!" Balls Eyes Nose Throat - at least one of these is fragile on any person. I have seen men kicked in the balls full-force and not appear hurt. I've seen a nose smashed and the guy kept on fighting powerfully. Yet likewise I have seen men stopped cold by them. Target all four and you'll get the right one!

• Arguing common sense is a fool's errand

• Think "Business," not "Job." This is vital!

• Eat Protein before and during Traveling, it burns slower so you get hungry less and eat less

• If you find yourself captivated by sensuality - such as a sex scene in a movie - ask yourself, "am I Pavlov's dog?" YOU should chose when you are stimulated, or would you rather leave that to Pavlov?

• The basis of freedom is choice. If you cannot control your response to a stimulus, you are little more than a dog (if this makes you mad, you are welcome to never come back to this blog - say Hi to Pavlov!)

• You are either the Director, or the "directed."

• It is lonely at the top. People react to the success of others like LSD - they trip out and hallucinate! So don't worry about everybody liking you. Just go for your dream and better friends will find you.

• Studying the Ancient Wisdom of the Saints, Sadhus, Samurai, Ninja and others is useful empowering and enlightening. Why are some people afraid of this information?

• The triceps is the power behind the punch (not the bicep, although it looks good!)

• Practice complete silence of environment and mind for 10 minutes a day and your success will multiply!

• Where are you weak? On the ground? Kicking? Wherever it is, start sparring there! Yep.

• There's always someone who can beat you. That's okay. You can still make them pay VERY dearly for the privilege, and they may be wise enough to realize it's not worth it to beat you.

• When you are attacked, do not try to avoid being hurt. It is a sure way to defeat.

• Respect the privacy of others, and honor everyone

• Reciprocate invitations - if they invited you over, invite them over next time. You'd be surprised how many forget this and wonder why they never heard from so-and-so again.

• Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy doing it. Fun is a HUGE key to success.

• The moment a Saint becomes aware of himself, sainthood is lost (read that again)

• Money is necessary. Have a good sum of it. But if that is what is most important to you, you have lived in illusion.

• You're losing your teen because you outsourced their training and development. Why did you have him or her in the first place? For your portfolio? Time spent together consistently away from electronic stimulus is the cure for this. Start now.

• If she feels empowered by getting attention for her sexiness, you are marrying a problem. A big problem.

• If he feels empowered by impressing your female friends, you are marrying a problem. A big problem.

• Randomness in your actions is good training - stand in a corner, facing a wall stand 2 inches from it, do a shoulder roll in the hallway, you're all dressed up in your shirt and tie? Go hit the bags. Practice your kicks while filling the tank. Bust out in song in public (I have scored BIG with this one!)

• Bring your awareness to how you walk. Notice it? Good. Now straighten up and bring to every movement THE POWER OF INTENTION AND PURPOSE.

• It's easy to see the thoughts of others and sense their energy when you look at them through a NON-ATTACHED MIND!

• When you are attached to your desires, you put out a "pushing-away" energy.

• When you are attached to you own desires and conclusions, you see people and circumstances as YOU are (This is what is meant by the term “perception is projection”). By being non-attached, you can see how they REALLY are (this is called "awareness")

• Lose out in the market? Blow a big deal? Lose a ton of money? Good. Welcome to life. Now go out there and kick some ass! Or would you rather sit around and whine? Or would you rather sit around and be afraid?

• Shed the emotional attachment to the past, it's like an addiction to prescription drugs - it's effecting your clear judgment and hindering your advancement. Flush the pills! Clear the slate and go out there and kick some ass.

• Look them in the eye and tell the truth

• You allowed yourself to be put in a box - democrat, republican, religious, atheist, etc. How much can one see from the inside of a box?

• At every moment, these questions define you: Is that who you are? Is that what you're really about?

• Your Intuition and your Conscience are your most valuable assets

• Be Still and Know (the opposite is also true: Be un-still and you'll be ignorant!)

• There are teachers, fighters and technicians. Rare is one who is all three, or even a combination of the two.

• The envious will try to make you feel guilty if you make money. It is they who are fixated on money.

• Genuine Modesty is priceless. False Modesty is worthless.

• Fear will always remain when you are attached to the outcome.

• "The Busy Mind" is a state of perpetual hypnosis. Read it again. You can wake up now. Welcome back!

• Secure your home. Now.

• Lay down the rules right at the start. If you neglected to do this, lay them down right now before proceeding forward.

• Stepford wives, Stepford people. They are shallow and should be avoided.

• It's easy to see the thoughts of others, it is a matter of letting it be seen.

• Run out ahead of them and beat them to the punch!

• Cause or Effect. Which side are you on?

• Design or Default. Which are you living by?

• When the actor has mastered the material, he is off-script. The best singers don't read from a sheet. The spaceship sheds it's fuel tanks when it passes through the atmosphere. Books and learnings are like this.

• Do not dress loudly.

• Do not look to the Government as your provider. It is at best the school-yard referee.

• Do not be moved by praise (temptation), or by persecution (criticism).

• Order is Heaven's First Law. Put it in your life now and keep it there.

• Doubts are Decisions.

• Emotion is like a yellow-belt. It has it's basic use. But how long can you hold up a sign before your arms weary?

• Do not let the culture define you. Define yourself.

To Your Success,
Scott Bolan