Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Belief does Not require something to be True.

A belief does not require something to be true. A belief only requires us to believe that something is true. Which means that most of what reality is to each of us is based on what we have come to believe – whether it’s true or not is really our own opinion. The belief that we have about anything is so powerful that it can even make something appear to be something completely and totally different than it really is.

Anything worth doing is worth doing.

Comparison and Contrast

Anything worth doing is worth doing (Badly or Right). If at first you don’t succeed then (Quit or try, try again).

There is no TRY. There is only DO.

If at first you don’t succeed then look at what you did and DO something different next time.

I am responsible for my own outcomes.

Comparison and Contrast

Others are responsible for my good and bad fortune. I am simply a victim of circumstances. (Bad or Good)

Work is a magnificent adventure.

Comparison and Contrast

Work is something we must tolerate until vacation. A job is something you must do to pay the bills. Or as one person put it once, JOB is Just Over Broke

In every adversity are hidden seeds of victory / opportunity.

Comparison and Contrast

Adversity is nature’s signal that you are about to lose.

Things don’t get better by accident; things get better by appropriate action.

Comparison and Contrast

You are either lucky or you are not lucky. Some are born with it and some are not born with it.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you prepared and looking for opportunity?

If I give others what they want and need, then they will give me what I want 3 and need, or “As ye sow so shall ye reap,” or “What goes around comes around.”

Comparison and Contrast

Only when somebody starts giving me what I want and need will I help them too.

The Universe Will Provide

Commitment is the key to excellence

Comparison and Contrast

Commitment limits me too much.

The MORE committed you are the more GOOD things seem.

The LESS committed you are to something the MORE difficult things seem.