Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Tao Principle of Balance in Motion

Today this question came in about the All-New Speed Summit Home Study Course:

"I am currently trying to decide whether or not to buy the Speed Summit 2008 DVD course. I watched your videos on YouTube and I really like your style, but I have just one question: You say that one should never be moved by praise or persecution. That is easy to say for someone who's been born insensitive. For me, however, it's exactly as good as the suggestion to not feel pain when kicked in the balls. I would really like to know if you are just giving spread-your-wings-and-fly type of advice, or are you also capable of teaching people how to actually do it?. OLav"


When I talk about not being moved by praise or persecution, I am NOT talking about being insensitive. Far from it!

In fact, I teach an increase in sensory acuity so one can see what is ACTUALLY occurring!

I didn't say don't notice it.

I didn't say don't care.

I said don't be MOVED by it.

For example,

Praise: "Olav, you are such a great guy. Please loan me 1000 dollars"

Persecution: "Olav, you are so greedy. Don't you care about me at all? Loan me 1000 dollars"

In each of the above, the person is using praise or persecution in order to pressure you to lend him 1000 dollars.

To be MOVED by either would be to succumb to the pressure and loan the 1000 dollars, even if your intuition is telling you that you shouldn't loan the 1000 dollars because it would cause you hardship or you may never be repaid.

This is a very different from "feeling pain when kicked in the balls"

I didn't say don't feel it.

I didn't say it doesn't hurt.

I said don't be MOVED by it, meaning, don't waver from your honor or principle and trusting your instincts for the sake of the pressure/pain of praise/persecution.

And the more SENSITIVE a person is, the more they need to know this stuff so they can control their own destiny and not be manipulated by those who are less caring and sensitive - the selfish, the greedy, the energy vampires.

Make sense?

And YES, I explain exactly "how to" near the end of the first DVD, beginning of the 2nd DVD in the Speed Summit Home Study course.

It's called the Mental Horse Stance and Tao/Jeet Kune Do principle of Balance in Motion.

You'll also discover how to:

* Move with Dynamic Intention

* Harness The Power of Focus

* Influence Others Magnetically

* Live By Design, Rather Than Default!

* The One Word Concept that is the KEY to Mastering Life

* How To Protect Your Energy

....and MORE!

(this is all on the first DVD by the way)

Listen up. This 7-DVD home study course (over 13 hours of live seminar footage) is available at an introductory price 295.00 until Sunday Night!

After that, it goes up to 495.00, no exceptions or time extensions. So if you're interested at all you really should buy now.

Yours in the Tao of Huna Light,

Scott Bolan

Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Fear Again!

These days its fairly easy to predict the weather.

Would you like to be able to predict YOUR future as easily as predicting when it's going to rain or snow?

When we know what the weather is going to be, we can easily prepare for it so we're never caught off-guard.

Why not approach life in a "prepared" mode?

Why not prepare in advance, so that you will meet the future with confidence ability and empowerment, rather than panic confusion and fear?

It's been said that "Luck" is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. That's true. There's no such thing as luck except the luck which we create and act upon.

The Spirit Warrior makes his or her own luck.

Remember this important rule:

"Any Area of Your Life You Do Not Design, You Are Leaving To Default!"

So which will it be - a life by Design, or a life of Default?

The Speed Summit Home Study Course is the tool you need to Design your Perfect Life. It puts seven DVDS of pure power right on your doorstep (along with some amazing FREE bonuses if you act now)

Here's what's on just one of these seven DVDs

* Maximize Your Time, Effort and Results

* Create Your Own Sanctuary for Mind Mastery

* Destroy the Competition using the new "Throwback” and "Reversing" Techniques

* The Energy Capture Using Magnetic Force and Fulcrum Techniques (you can use this in the ring, at the dojo, on the street, in the boardroom - anywhere - to Win!)

* How To Attract Anyone You Like, and Repel Energy Vampires

* How To Increase and Multiply Your Sales & Business Results

* Why Salesmen Fail and How To Reverse It

* Some Secrets of Time Distortion

* Never Fear Again: How To Obliterate Fear and Get it out of your life for good!

* Changing Your Past Present & Future using Time Line Therapy

* Zanshin Hakalau: The Warriors Greatest Secret of Awareness

* How To Tell If Someone Is Lying (the complete course!)

....and More!

Not bad for one DVD, eh?

Helping You Always Win,

Scott Bolan

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How To Find Success Without Struggle

Have you ever found yourself tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, lonely and discouraged?

We all have at one time or another. And each time it happened to me, after I got over it, I vowed to never let it happen again...

... but of course, it DID happen again! And again, and again, and again...

Finally, in quiet moment of reflection after studying the ancient texts, it dawned on me exactly what I was doing that was causing my suffering. In fact,
this one thing was the "root" of all of my problems, and the key to my success!

What was it? It was this: I was using will and effort.

Using will and effort is like pushing the car uphill, rather than sitting in the car and driving it!

And by doing so I was literally standing in the way of the divine protective spirit that wanted to bless me and give me all of my desires!

It was like a light-switch went on!

Now combined with ancient wisdom of the Samurai, the Kahunas, the Mind Masters and Authentic Warriors and Innovators - literally, the Warrior Kings! – the principle of the "way of no way" finally made perfect sense!

So I grabbed my binder of the original "Knowing is Not Enough" private newsletters with Bruce Lee's handwritten studies and notes (I am one of only
a few dozen people in the world blessed to have this), and I found where Bruce was able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time - it was
the same principle - he Played By the Rules of the Enlightened Warrior King!

And so can YOU!

Listen up, friend. Life can be a struggle, or a joy. The difference is in knowing how to align the three selves, apply the learnings therein, and like water you become unstoppable!

You see, this is the Secret of Success without Struggle in ANY area of life - your relationships, your health, your financial abundance and spiritual peace.

That's the beauty and simplicity of the Warrior King Lifestyle - you don't even intend to do it. It just simply is. Water doesn't intend to go where it goes - it doesn't "try" to go where it goes - it just goes there!

And, like water... I go wherever I want and I manifest whatever I want

...and YOU can do the same thing!

Listen. If you're tired of the stops and struggles, ups and downs, and frustrations that never seem to stop, the information in the Speed Summit Home Study Course can change it once and for all.

This is not an exaggeration, but a simple statement of fact.

Join me, Dr. Yates Canipe and Master Vince Wingo on this path and YOU can have these same secrets.

No stone went unturned in the live quest for the secret of success without struggle. We caught it all live on DVD and it's available for YOU right NOW

Wisdom and Courage,

Scott Bolan

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Using Time Distortion To Overcome Resistance

Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP has said, and I agree, that the best way to break through resistance is either go before it or after it.

What he meant is that rather than go after the reasons why a person has decided the way he or she has, get them to go either before they ever made the decision and see it a different way, or take them to an imaginary point in time of having already made the decision you want them to, link massive pleasure to it, and have them look back on it as heaving already been made. Since it’s already happened, it’s impossible to resist or do anything but relax, because they are about to get what they want!

Phrases for time distortion:

1. Won’t it be great after you’ve….

2. Imagine a time in your future….

3. Look forward to….

4. Looking back on….

After you have read all the blog post and implemented the knowledge to change your life, won't it be fantastic to look back and say, WOW.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Hawaiian Way of Life

Rev Vince Wingo Speaks:

This is absolutely amazing! I simply must share this with you!

As most of you know, Huna and Ho'oponopono were my birthright.

Dad was speaking Huna light and wisdom to me before I was even

Mom told me I would always sit-at-the-knee of Dad and the top experts on Hawaiian Healing while they discussed Huna for hours and hours.

While my infant Uhane (conscious mind) didn't understand their words, my Aumakua (high self/super-conscious mind) was picking it all up all light-speed...

...this was a gift from the Divine!

... as I would find out just a few years later...

Since my earliest memory my job ... my mission ... my very purpose in life ... has been to share the Wisdom of the Ancient Kahuna Masters.

Since about the age of 4 dad taught me to understand Morrnah Simeona's goal: "To have the PEACE within the individual reflect through the community, society, the nation and the Universe. Regardless of race, or creed, the Doorways to the New Age are: PEACE, BALANCE, WISDOM and LOVE in all LIFE and CREATION."

He also taught me the great responsibilities of this, and over the years I've seen tremendous Huna Magic (Real-world results) occur in the lives of countless students clients and practitioners...

... soul mates found, dreams come true, problems solved, families repaired, healing of body mind and spirit, and yes... spiritual people finally breaking through to their rightful material manifestation.

It's nice to see folks NOT having to struggle. It's nice to see them having enough money to help themselves and others living a more comfortable life.

It's just a by-product of living in the Aumakua ... it's like wet with the water!

The two are inseparable.

Now imagine this - I'm living this and teaching this, and lo and behold I meet two like minds from other parallel fields - Dr. Yates Canipe and Master Scott Bolan!

Dr. Canipe is quite literally the founder of the modern men's self-help movement, a master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Healing. He literally lays hands on people and helps heal them! He can put "Super-Speed" to your success, seduction, name it... and all from a place of the highest integrity and greatest good.

Master Scott Bolan discovered the Mental and Energetic Secrets of the Spirit-Force behind the Martial Arts. He's like the living embodiment of a Taoist sage, combined with the practicality of a modern warrior. Scott found the very essence of "Shen" (Spirit) and miracles occur around him daily! His greatest passion is sharing this knowledge with others...

Now imagine, what it was like when all three of us got together! Yes, it was nothing short of absolute magic. I don't know any other way to say it!

AND, get this; it was all caught live on film!

Seven DVDs of pure power, energy and knowledge, for YOU.

You can watch it at your leisure, in the privacy of your home. It's like having us there with you when you need us.

I've got to tell you it's the next best things to just sitting down with the three of us right in your living room.

You can get this dynamic home study course for the ridiculously low introductory price until May 31st (just a few short days away)

After that, it goes up no ifs, ands, or buts’...

.... so go ahead and make an investment into YOUR future, so that you too can live "the Hawaiian Way of Life"...

Whatever your choice, I wish you all the best. Thanks for letting me share this with you tonight. I am thinking of you and I know if you have goals, dreams and desires - they are all possible and this will help you accomplish them very quickly.


Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three Strikes and you are Out

Guys send me situations or material and ask for my comments. Sometimes they appear to be created and want to know hypnotically what if this happened. Others appear to be from discussion groups and they want another opinion. Evidently a guy went out one day and tried approaching women (I say tried because he failed) on three separate occasions and failed.

The second one seemed most interesting to me. The pick up line from the seduction home study course goes some like this: Excuse me, have you every been told that you are a shining example of genetic perfection. Or Excuse me, I noticed you and I think you are a shining example of genetic perfection.

NOTE: The main rule here is to notice her response and act accordingly. If she respond positively, continue. If she responds negatively, STOP.

So this guy reports that he says: Excuse me, but has somebody ever told you that you are the perfect example of …. Physiological perfection?

Two Comments: “BUT” negates everything in front of it. So he is saying that he is totally non caring if he interrupts, intrudes or not. Second, somebody is different from anybody. Do you know somebody who fixes cars versus do you know anybody who fixes cars. Is he emphasis is on fixing cars or a person who fixes cars: Which? Just a side, Physiological is harder to say and is different than Genetic. One is natural and the other achieved.

She responded: Thanks, but no they haven’t. And then she just walked away.

RED FLAGS: Her “But” is saying NO THANKS. And then she just walked away. NEGATIVE RESPONSE, STOP.

He keeps going: I think that people like you should be let known every once in a while how special they are.

He has now moved to aggressive. When do you hear the phrase “people like you.” It is usually not a compliment. He has passed judgment and has passed the point of observation. Yes, he observed that she was different in his eyes. Now he is insisting that she see it too.

She responded: Thanks And then walked away.

Hold on, this guy still hasn’t gotten the message. He is not letting her response guide his next move.

He now says as he is now following her: What was it that I said that was so threatening to you to cause you to slowly walk away from me as I talk to you.

And then she took off at warp speed.

Of Course, he just became a predator and stalker. He is lucky that she did not go get the cops.

I think this guy has good intentions and is just excited with a new tool that he doesn’t understand. He got a new tuning fork and is using it as a pitch fork. Instead of listening to and feeling the vibrations, he is using it to throw crap against the wall and see if any sticks. I also think his underlying belief based on this and the other two strikes is one of physical power instead of finesse and not realizing the difference.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Could you explain the body connection to the mind and the relation to feeling better and staying healthy?

Not Here. However, our “Feeling Better” product can be the corner stone guide to wellness and staying healthy. Staying fit and healthy by boosting the immune system is just one area of the product.

However, I will let you know this. The Brain and human body is the ultimate chemical factory and can manufacture any chemical in the world. It is up to you NOW.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chump Change

As you can tell I keep up with most of what our government is up to. I think it comes from living just outside Washington for 9 years. I took both papers Washington Post and Washington Times. One is very liberal and one is very conservative.

The President proposed $17 Billion in Budget Cuts after approving a budget of $3500 BILLION. The cuts amount to less than 0.5 %. The Budget Director says, “$17 billion is not chump change by any measure.” Personally I am always looking for money and find it laying on the ground, in parking lots, etc. I pick it up and put it in my pocket.

However, this started me thinking. How much do you budget for self improvement. You Know, education, personal change, updating your knowledge, moving past limiting beliefs and moving ahead. Is 0.5 % of your annual income Chump Change to you. There was one year back there where my wife and I invested $30k yes, $30,000 in one year to do self improvement workshops. They worked and were a great investment. The IRS did not think so and would not let us deduct the expense, even though our incomes doubled over the next five years.

Now if you make $30,000 a year and invest $150.00 a year in yourself then you are spending your chump change wisely. That is an average of about 41 cents per day. Feel better now. I think I am worth more and I continue to attend and buy courses. I mean, how else am I supposed to keep up with you?

One comment I read agreed that the $17 Billion was chump change and the average taxpayer is the chump. Another made some comment about the chump change we can believe in. Well when I spend it on me, I can believe in it. What are you going to do with your chump change.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Economic Justice

In Erickson Covert Hypnosis you are not looking for the traditional or Hollywood eyes closed slumped over asleep response from a person. You are just looking for a phrase or couple of words to get past the conscious mind and find a home in the subconscious. On of the effective ways to do this is ambiguity. You use a couple of words that are not used together in the normal language. You do not define these words. They mean something to you. They mean something different to every individual that hears them or maybe they don’t mean anything to the person hearing them as they are new together. This is exactly the case with the term “Economic Justice” as used by the head man in Washington. He know what it means. Everyone else hears Economic separately from Justice and does not know what it means. No one defines it. Is it Socialism by another word? You choose.

More recently, Torture is the new buzz word. At first is seems that Torture was used to get worthless information. When it was shown without a doubt that the information obtained by the interrogation methods was indeed very valuable, then the rhetoric changed. It is now proclaimed that the valuable information that was obtained could have been gotten by “OTHER METHODS.” Again “other methods” is not defined or even one example given or a even a source of these mysteriously powerful “other methods” given. Evidently no one else in the government has or had any knowledge of said “other methods.”

Start listening with your other mind and other ears for other frequencies. Start paying attention to all your senses. Something may feel wrong, not look right, sound funny, smell odd or just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

On the other hand, as you read our justice ramblings, notice the good feeling you get. The sense that it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. It rings true. Smells deliciously inviting as you just know the right track when you are on it. Ready to join us.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Erickson Covert Hypnosis

We have been teaching Erickson Covert Hypnosis and NLP for specific applications since 1990. These applications include seduction, sales, magick/psychic influence, huna and business management.

It has come to our attention that the need, demand, interest has been shown in other applications including those really looking for serious relationship advice.

The underlying principles are the same. Keep reading the Blog.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is there a secret of unlimited prosperity?

What kind of prosperity: Financial prosperity, effortless prosperity, creating true prosperity, open your mind to prosperity, power and prosperity, prosperity consciousness, true prosperity, creating true prosperity

First, let us define Prosperity - A condition of being successful or thriving.

Most people think of this as having a lot of money. This is not a necessary condition of prosperity.

I have a neighbor whose father worked in a oil refinery as a maintenance man his entire life. When he died he was a multi-millionaire. He also had a knack and discipline for investing in the stock market. Was he prosperous? You Bet, he raised his family well, all the kids went to college and are successful in their occupations. He lived a modest life style because he was happy and content within himself and it shows with his kids. Is this unlimited prosperity? For him it was. Does the foundations that the Gates’ or Rockefellers’ and others set up make their families prosperous without limit or simply wealthy. Your choice. So creating true effortless prosperity is about your knowledge of yourself. It is not about power and prosperity as power really has nothing to do with prosperity. Creating true prosperity requires you to simply open your mind to prosperity and understanding the difference between Money, Wealth and Prosperity. Does this give new meaning to Financial prosperity, I think so.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Isn’t Manipulation bad?

Manipulation is to move in a direction with deliberateness. It is neither good or bad. The result may be GOOD OR BAD because of the INTENT. If you have the best interest of the individual at heart, then the manipulation is good. The art of manipulation can be for emotional manipulation (cheerleading) which is simply mental manipulation. You can also learn to manipulate energy with the ancient and modern ninja and huna techniques. Now you can understand the difference between persuasion and manipulation. Manipulation can control limiting beliefs thus freeing the self or keeping the self stuck.


Friday, May 8, 2009

You Don’t Know What You Look Like

I am not talking about looking at pictures, or watching yourself on videos or looking in the mirror while you are reciting your affirmations. I mean that you don’t know what you look like from the perspective of someone else. You don’t know what they see, sense, feel or think when they look at you and experience you. Is that important? You bet you butt it is. If you are interviewing, then the job depends on it. If you are approaching the opposite sex and expecting a warm reception, then it is paramount.

If we have established that it is important and that “You Don’t Know What You Look Like,” then it is also probably true that you don’t know how to find out how you look either.

It is simple. Ask people. Ask the people closest to you. Ask strangers. Ask early in conversations. There are several ways to ask. Ask them to give you three words that come to mind when they met you or three words that best describe you in their view. You can say, “You have known me all my life, in one sentence describe me and I don’t mean physically. Describe me as a person.”

Now you may be surprised at the answers you get. The person giving you the answers at a particular point in time is looking at you, sensing you through their own filters. For example, if they are very religious and sense the goodness in you, then that will be in their response. You will most likely get a lot of different answers and also a pattern will emerge.

Let me know your experiences and we will continue this interchange.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attitude Motivation

A short one tonight – The question came up as “What is the best way to motivate yourself. What is the best motivation.” Many would say the basic needs. You are motivated to work to survive. This is not entirely true. There are many people who are motivated to survive by being leaches, blood suckers, energy vampires, bad check writers, welfare seekers, etc. These people do not need anything outside of themselves to motivate them. They do not need to stand in front of a mirror and chant positive statements or affirmations. They do not need for the most part for someone to get on their case about how they are living their life. So what do they have that is so powerful that they cruise through life totally motivated to do as little as possible of what the rest of us call work or responsibility.

Here is the answer. It is in the title. They have an attitude. I was listening to a tape from 1977 today. There was this one gentleman explaining that motivation without effort comes from attitude. Now by “without effort,” I think he meant that there are no extra ordinary ritual or energy expended to be motivated, to feel motivated, to get motivated.

As he shared his view, an attitude is the outward expression of the inner beliefs. If you have an inner belief of working and everything will be OK, then the attitude of doing a mental or physical activity to accomplish a goal is just natural and effortless. It could be expressed as “I don’t like lazy people” or “A little hard work never hurt anybody” or “Let’s get on with it” or “Did you every see a squirrel not store nuts”. Of course there are thousands more sayings that express the same attitude.

So what is the attitude you have or the attitude you want that will motivate you to accomplish your goals and invest in your own self development?

Let me here some of your limiting attitudes and most importantly some of your attitudes that will motivate you effortless.


PS: For Tomorrow. Think about this. You do not know what you look like. You may see a reflection in a mirror and you probably do not see the reflection of yourself in other people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Words That Sell

Recently a competitor had the courage to contact me and ask me why their ad copy wasn't doing very well.

It was easy to see. The message of the ad was soft.

A soft message is great if your market is soccer moms.

But if your market is those who are interested in becoming 1000x SMARTER, STRONGER, DEADLIER and MORE EFFECTIVE in the REAL WORLD, your message needs to be PENETRATING.

Otherwise, it won't jump out and grab their attention.

If your message is soft and unfocused, it will not sell.

It'd be like trying to hit someone in the balls with a pillow, and hitting them on the leg instead.

No pain. No gain. (as far as "getting the message across" goes)

Hard and focused, like a solid nard-smashing knee to the balls... THAT's where the money is!

Also, that is WHAT and HOW I teach:

Whatever your goal...

HIT the target, WIN the trophy.

Smash the Pinata, collect the candy.

Capiche? Comprende? Understand?

Strike the root!

Are you ready to learn the root-striking methods of warrior kings?

Then catch it live on DVD, right here

Unlocking the Secrets,

Scott Bolan

Monday, May 4, 2009

Can you explain to me why people (I) have so much trouble with Communication?

As you probably guessed by now, I like definitions. The number one definition for communication is “an act of transmitting”. It implies ONE WAY and has no mention of content of what was transmitted. The number three definition is “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior”. I like this one.

By focusing on two points you will greatly enhance the ways to communicate. Point one is information exchanged. Point two is the common system. In human communication and understanding human communication it requires a certain level of common language which includes environmental background. If a very religious person wants to clearly communicate their views with someone who does not have the same upbringing, then it is the responsibility of the speaker to learn and adapt to the audience to communicate with clarity.

If two people are engaged in interpersonal communication and want to be effective and they come from different economic backgrounds, then each must be aware and use that knowledge to be most effective in communication. They must also be aware of their non verbal and verbal communication. For Example, if a person is saying “yes” while shaking their head “no”. This non verbal communication should be noticed and determined whether it is a symbol or sign which is not congruent.

So to effectively communicate or communicate well, one should always consciously have a purpose and know the model of the world of the person or audience.

Also remember, when you are talking to a person, there are two people listening and one of them is you. Pay attention to your “self talk” and change it. All these together will allow you to communicate with confidence.

Advertising is a similar situation. To know if you are effectively communicating, you must have feedback, the other part of the information exchange. The feedback is sales or questions.

Am I communicating effectively with you? I can look at orders and questions coming back from you. If what I have to offer does not resonate with you, you will unsubscribe. If you like what you read and use it, if you feel good when you read, when you see something that rings true, you just know inside you want more, can you smell the sweet smell of success, then you will buy a product from us. If the products produce results for you, you will come back for more. Does that make cents and dollars?


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is She Going To Call You? The No-Spin-Zone!

My sincerest wish for you is that you discover your inner strength and innate personal power so that you are not needy for women and ego validation through sexual conquest.

And that standing solid on your own principle, which you need never sacrifice for a relationship, you attract...

... not seek, not woo, not supplicate, not acquire through expenditure...

... a soul-mate who is hotter-than-hell beautiful and who possesses your values and beliefs!

Too often our desire clouds our judgment, and we assign values onto the object of our desire, values which do not actually exist in the person.

A classic example of this is assigning high intelligence or moral integrity to beauty.

While beautiful women can be intelligent and moral, just as often they are not intelligent at all and rather shallow, and would be the first to tell you so...

...but why should they?

They are enjoying the ride - the dinners, the drinks, the gifts, the attention, praise and worship!

Don't forget that they too have an ego that craves to be fed, why would they rock the boat?

They will when "something better comes along" and you will be left desolate and despairing, sinking further into the hole of neediness.

To stay out of the trap, remember this Bolan Mastery Key:

Do Not Base Your Sense of Self-Worth on the Approval of Women.

Matter of fact, do not base your sense of self-worth on ANYONE's approval. Ever.

To have the approval of others should be respected and appreciated, but not actively sought after.

To seek after it is your ego's craving to be fed.

It should simply come naturally.

And if it doesn't come?...

.... do not notice!

You will find that if you are going about your business to be the very best you can be as a Master Warrior of Life, the right one will notice you and reach out.

I always noticed when I looked like I was going somewhere, it got the attention of the beautiful women. Why? Because all the other guys are feeding at the troff like cattle....

....and here comes a stallion, going somewhere!

That is far more interesting energetically!

It "magnetizes"

Always remember these two things:

1. People Are Energy

2. People Are Magnets

Now, I received a question recently: "What should I say on her answering machine so that she will call me back?"

I use Bill O'Reilly's No-Spin-Zone rule: "If I leave a message twice, and they do not call me back, I do not call them again."

That's a great rule.

It means no desperation, no clinging, no neediness.

It means you respect yourself enough to not go chasing after someone like a love-sick puppy.

So what kind of message should you leave?

Plain and simple: "Hi, it's Scott. Give me a call. My number is xxx-xxxx"

That's it.

If she doesn't call you back? Great!

You don't want someone like that anyway. She did you a huge favor by removing herself from your life.

Keep it real and you'll never live a lie.

Hell is right here on earth for those who live in delusion.

Yours in Warrior Wisdom,

Scott Bolan

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Firewall for the Brain

You have a firewall for your computer.

You have anti-virus software and spyware removal for your computer.


Because there are constant attacks, and constant new attacks being developed to hack into your computer.

What makes you think YOUR BRAIN is any different than your computer?

Just like viruses and spyware, there are "programs" that are developed to "hack" into your brain and take what they want.

After they've taken what they want, they leave your "computer" not operating very well, and getting dire results or just barely working at all!

You see, these programs literally set you up to fail, lose and self-destruct, after they've silently robbed you of your greatest force - your power for manifestation!

They get you to doubt yourself, to be cynical, negative, or confused, to freeze up when you should make a move.

If they get you to simply not make a winning move, they win and you lose!

I don't know about you, but me...

... I'd rather WIN!

Winning this game of life is what it's all about, and I'm damn well not going to let any programming stop me from winning.

How about you?

If you're like me and you are determined to keep the mind-poison out and win the game, the one-on-one Mind Power training you get in the Speed Summit Home Study Course is like having a Black Belt Firewall for your Brain!

No more worry....

No more fear...

No more stress...

No more confusion...

No more lack!

No more being ill-at-ease!

Instead, with the knowledge YOU GET in these seminar DVDs, you'll instantly discover

Unstoppable confidence...

Courage and certainty...

Skills you can rely on...

Manifestation Mastery...


How to Move like a Tiger, and be respected everywhere you go...

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, Attention ALL you Children

What kind of rod did your parents use on you. The metaphor is strong and what is the real message. I think every person want to find their soul mate, settle down, have children and raise their children in such a way that the kids have an opportunity to have it easier than they did, to go farther than they did, to experience more than they did. How they do that raises many questions. How much do you give your children? How do you insure that they earn it? How do you instill responsibility in them? The metaphor was not intended to be taken literally, meaning that if you don’t whip or beat your children they will grow up to be spoiled. However, there are several lessons children need to learn. There are consequences for their actions. There are responsibilities that need to be taught and expected.

If you are driving and forget to put gas in your car, then it will stop. If you run out of gas, you can cuss, you can pray, you can meditate, you can do anything you want and the only thing that will work is to put gas in the tank. Or you can simply say, I forgot to put gas in the car, now I am paying the consequences. And I will learn a lesson and go on.

So many people today are not taking responsibility for their life. They are blaming the government, the economy, wall street, the banks or the company they DID work for.

A call yesterday was from a young man talking about how he was investing in himself at this time. He said he knew his situation was getting better since he had started making that investment. In the next breath, he said he could not purchase any more right now because he had to wait for things to get better economically.

There was another young man who graduated from welding school 8 months ago. He has worked 14 days total since for three different companies and go let go by each. He has continued to make excuses about not taking a lesser job and when the stimulus kicks in he will be in the gravy. What will it take to wake him up? When do those who are supporting him wake up and stop?

If you are one of those who are procrastinating then WAKE UP. The knowledge and inner strength gained from the truly applied NLP, Hypnosis, Huna and Martial Arts is very believable and doable. The TOOLS exists. The technologies taken separately are absolutely mind changing. When they are taken together, consequences and responsibility take on a beautiful and brilliantly new meaning.

Despair becomes aspire for you.