Monday, April 11, 2011

Confessions Of A Seduction Guru

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Just a short while ago I had an unusually negative experience which requires me to confess.

Actually, I've been building to this negative experience for days, without consciously realizing.

You see, as I have preached time and again, you have to daily practice the attitudes, beliefs, energy and yes (I know this sounds "New Age") patterns of breathing that give you the confidence and charisma to attract women, anytime, anywhere, often without evening opening your mouth first!

But, the past week, I've been so-fired up, attending to some great new ideas for my business that I have not been practicing what I preach.

Yes, your good Old Guru of Poon deserves a well placed kick in his ass for being a hypocrite and NOT practicing.

Well, today I got that kick.

You see, when I got up today, I just wasn't feeling "right". I was tired, cranky, not in touch with my usual energy, and as a result, when I was "sarging" this morning, having my daily Starbucks coffee

Every Sarge Fell Flat!

Yes, I confess. Even your Guru is a human and has to practice, all the time, to stay in the best state of mind.

And your state of mind; your energy, beliefs and the attitude your project are very important.

They are like the conductive medium; the wire if you will-across which you send the electricity of your spoken words.

So don't be a goof like me. Practice what I teach you, daily. Do the breathing, the meditation, and the visualizations daily(and take care of your body with some good exercise too) and you will see daily results that will astonish you.

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You'll learn a quick, ten minute, daily breathing/energy/visualizing ritual that will make you a true winner with women. And don't be a lazy, good-for-nuthin' ass like your Guru sometimes is.


Piece and peace,


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