Saturday, May 16, 2009

Economic Justice

In Erickson Covert Hypnosis you are not looking for the traditional or Hollywood eyes closed slumped over asleep response from a person. You are just looking for a phrase or couple of words to get past the conscious mind and find a home in the subconscious. On of the effective ways to do this is ambiguity. You use a couple of words that are not used together in the normal language. You do not define these words. They mean something to you. They mean something different to every individual that hears them or maybe they don’t mean anything to the person hearing them as they are new together. This is exactly the case with the term “Economic Justice” as used by the head man in Washington. He know what it means. Everyone else hears Economic separately from Justice and does not know what it means. No one defines it. Is it Socialism by another word? You choose.

More recently, Torture is the new buzz word. At first is seems that Torture was used to get worthless information. When it was shown without a doubt that the information obtained by the interrogation methods was indeed very valuable, then the rhetoric changed. It is now proclaimed that the valuable information that was obtained could have been gotten by “OTHER METHODS.” Again “other methods” is not defined or even one example given or a even a source of these mysteriously powerful “other methods” given. Evidently no one else in the government has or had any knowledge of said “other methods.”

Start listening with your other mind and other ears for other frequencies. Start paying attention to all your senses. Something may feel wrong, not look right, sound funny, smell odd or just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

On the other hand, as you read our justice ramblings, notice the good feeling you get. The sense that it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. It rings true. Smells deliciously inviting as you just know the right track when you are on it. Ready to join us.