Monday, April 6, 2009

Hypnotist Unite and Conquer the World

What a crock. I was watching the NCAA basketball tournament the other night when I got a call. “Are you watching TV now”, the voice said. Yes, Basketball. “Turn to the Mentalist” he said. I did and the plot had a female hypnotist working at an NLP center being sought for murder. Seems she had hypnotized a female rival to jump of a building because she thought she was jumping into the ocean. She then hypnotized a detective to protect her and help her dispose of her male friend who had shunned her.

The star takes the detective to a park and has him watch children swinging while he says, UP … and … Down several times to get deep into his subconscious mind to find that DEEP HIDDEN BAD SUGGESTION the female villain had placed there.

This was strictly old style HOLLYWOOD portrayal of the swinging watch and hypnotist can control everything. They obviously had not read or studied Milton Erickson.

First, hypnosis is a natural occurrence in every human. Second, if the kind of power they were trying to make up believe really existed, then many hypnotist would have already gotten a few people to rob a few big banks and they would own the world. To my knowledge that has not happened that way.

However, one might look at the masses today and ask if they have been truly hypnotized or mesmerized by the current leader.

By the way, in all the years Milton Erickson was practicing, he said he never found anyone who could be hypnotized to do something that was against their beliefs or morals.

If any of you have ever been to a stage hypnotist show, then you have witnessed people doing things that one would say they would never do otherwise. They want to do it. They want to blame the hypnotist. He made me do it. I once saw a young beautiful 2nd grade school teacher dressed with traditional long clothing. Only her hands and head were uncovered. She volunteered to go on stage. Before long she was attempting to take her clothes off and not because the hypnotist gave her some suggestion. She wanted to show off and had been repressed. This gave her an opportunity. This was a mixed audience with children and the Hypnotist did his job and kept her dressed.

I should be not only super rich, I should be able to replace all our elected officials. Can you imagine?