Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can you give me some advice on Goal Setting?

You know what they say advice is worth. My goal is to give you some tools that you will use. The first tool is to realize that you already have goals that your mind is working on 100 percent of the time. The object is to consciously change those.

One goal setting technique many recommend is writing down goals. This is good. The results usually are limited. Think of it this way. If you are baking and keep opening the oven door to check on the contents, then what happens: The baking fails. Follow these steps to increase the effectiveness of your writing.

1. Write down in objective terms where you are now. I make xxx dollars. I have had three dates this year. I have a bachelor degree.

2. Write down a time frame. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. Put this date on the outside of an envelope.

3. Write down in objective terms where you want to be in the stated time frame. I will be making YYY dollars. I will have had 14 dates. I will have my masters degree.

By making this simple adjustment, you are giving you subconscious mind the instructions and trusting it to do its job. Of course, if you set goals you do not believe, then you have missed realistic goal setting and missed the premise of this new dynamic of goal setting.

This will work for sales goal setting, performance goal setting, business goal setting, weight loss goal setting, fitness goal setting or professional goal setting. This is just one smart goal setting strategy.

For success in your personal planning goal setting, the secret is do it consciously and realistically. When the mind sees a new strategy that is working, it will quickly adapt it to other applications (goals). Practice, for example, is a great way to achieving many goals, this success will be the motivation to continue goal setting. You don’t need a big elaborate program for goal setting. Effective goal setting is can be short term or long term. The secret is how the conscious and subconscious mind relate to the goal setting idea and the help given the subconscious.

In coaching soccer, I gather the players around before the game and ask each the same question, “What is your goal for this game?” One replies, “To score a goal” I say, “Then you focus on that” Another says, “To assist on a goal” Another says, “To have a shutout” Another says, “To stay in the game at max speed the entire game” You guessed it. I tell each of them to focus on their goal for the game. And guess what happens to the team.

State your short term goal to your subconscious; out loud if possible as both conscious and subconscious (Greater Mind) get it simultaneously. Do It And Notice What Happens.

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