Monday, March 21, 2011

Ouch, That Hurt

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

The other day, I was doing some fabulous Combat Conditioning exercises, as taught by the incredible Matt Furey.

Being a fairly sedentary (a big word that means lazy ass) person, having a quick, fun work-out that I can do that actually makes me functionally fit, really feels good.

But today, contrary to Matt's advice, I over did it a bit, and as a result, I'm pretty sore.

Now, what in the world does this have to do with pulling hot women?

Simply this; in the beginning, when starting something new, pace yourself.

Look, as a human, you can learn to do pretty much anything, IF you do things gradually.

Too many guys, when they order their Speed Seduction Home Study Course( TRY to jump in and do the hardest stuff first.

For example, even if they haven't had a woman in a decade or even talked to one in the same length of time, they want to go right out, approach the hottest woman in town, and try to get her in the sack in a matter of minutes.

Now, far be it from me to discourage ambition, and using Speed Seduction® you can and will get these kind of results.

But my stronger suggestion is: start out slow. Take one or two basic concepts from the course, and apply them every day. Even if you only improve 1 percent a day, by the end of a couple of months, you'll be bouncing from girl to girl like a rabbit on a double frappucinno mocha latte, extra whip!

Anyway, if you want the power, confidence and charm to pick the women you choose, instead of relying on canned pick-up lines, trite dating tips and stupid dating advice, why don't you learn to throw dating away and get the women you want jumping on you before you even go out? Thousands of guys around the world are doing so right now, and the first step is going right here:

Piece and peace,


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