Monday, March 7, 2011

The *FORCE* Is With You ... To Get Hot Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

I have to make a silly confession: I am going to stood in
line for hours to see the latest "Star Wars" movie.

Now, I realize that being a "geek" at heart, those who know
me personally wouldn't be at all surprised.

But you, my dear students, should be aware, that one reason
I love Star Wars is…

I Really Do Believe In "The Force".

No, not necessarily something as radical as Master Yoda
levitating a space ship.

But I DO believe in "The Force" of breath, intent,
awareness, belief and skill-the skill of capturing and leading
the imagination and emotions-to help you have all the success
with women you could ever want.

Why do I believe this?


To learn how to master your energy, attitude and beliefs,
with women, there is nothing better than my Fear to Charisma
DVD. Master the "Force" and get yours now. Click right here:

For those of you who already are powerful in the "Force",
you can accelerate your "Jedi" training of your beliefs, energy,
attitude and intention, with my Beyond Confidence DVD's. Get
yours now at:


Not just because I've seen it in my own life, over and over.

But more importantly, because of what you, my students, tell
me and have told me ever day, for the past dozen years about the
amazing transformation the Speed Seduction® "Force" has allowed
you to enjoy in your lives.

From guys who have never had a girlfriend their entire adult
lives, turning it around and having multiple women. Or guys who have had to settle for what they could get, now enjoying who they really want. To guys lifting years of depression and fear in weeks or even days and going back to enjoying life.

My friend, if you really want to learn to be a true "Jedi"
in the world of women, and having mastery of life as well, keeping working on those important things-

Learning to control and design your beliefs, attitude,
awareness, energy and skills.

The Power Of Asking The Right Questions

Finally, I want to speak about the most "Jedi" of "Jedi"
ideas. Something Yoda would surely agree with, preach and teach.

It's about the qualities you bring to your learning.

That is asking yourself a radical question, "What is the quality I want to bring to this challenge of mastering seduction?

What is the quality of energy,attitude, feeling and vibe I want to bring with me as I move towards mastery of these skills?"

You see, part of being a true seduction "Jedi" is knowing
how to ask the right questions.

And I know, many of you might ask, "What do I really want to
be able to do with Speed Seduction®? How can I make Speed
Seduction® most quickly and easily work for me?"

Good questions.

But the best question is: what quality do I want to bring to
my efforts as I move more and more every day toward mastery?

Do you want to make it about desperately and fearfully
trying to master new skills and bring your old anxiety and
fears with you?

"That, my friend, to the Dark Side, leads".

My friend, the good side of the Force is all about bring the
right qualities along with you as you move up the ladder of success with women, and about the daily practices that support those qualities.

Will you treat yourself with compassion, patience, and have
the ability to be kind to yourself when you trip over your "light saber" the first few times you try this stuff?

When you practice with women, will you do it from a place
of being "afraid of getting caught?" Or hoping she will like you?

Or can you do it from a place of believing, "no matter what
happens with this woman, I'll have fun and learn what I need to
succeed, if not now then surely sooner or later. I can always
have fun and learn!"

Can you find a place of compassion and clarity in your
mind, where you can daily give yourself credit for what you did
right, calmly correct mistakes, and mentally rehearse doing it

Can you daily bring consistency, patience, and vision to
where you want to go even when things are at first not going

The experience of thousands of students says, you can.

And that you can have pleasure, enjoyment, power and fun with women beyond your wildest dreams..AND stay on the "Good" Side of the Force!

To which I say, "right on".

Peace and piece,


P.S. Here is a beautiful testimonial from a student who has
truly become a "Jedi" of Speed Seduction®. What does he know that you yet don't, but could rapidly learn as he did from my Magick/PI course? Get yours here, right now:

Here is his un-edited letter, with his full real name, state
and city:

Hi Ross,

I wrote you a couple of months ago about my experiences with
your Core responsive videos. Now I'm working with your Magick
Influence set and am very impressed. I've worked with various forms of ritual work in the past ( from pagan to chaos ) but couldn't get them off the ground. The energy exercises really do make the difference. People, and opportunities are coming at me very quickly these days. I'm making more money, and women are calling me and seeking to spend time with me. Energy really makes the difference.

I've been with you since 93 and I'm a fan of the old SS.
That's for certain. However these last 2 sets, (magick and core
responsiveness) are at what I believe will be the beginning of a
new model not only for seduction, but for real and lasting change for anyone with an open mind and the good sense to use it.

As I said in my last email to you, the old SS got me laid.
It got me over many of my fears, illusions and resentment toward
women. This in and of itself was a magickal act lol !!!!But there was always a sense of labor involved in doing the old SS, if I'm going to be honest. And I had to evaluate whether a female was worth the effort of doing SS.

However with the new SS I really enjoy women now. In fact I
love a number of them these days. Women are now easy to be around. Their energy doesn't scare me or piss me off as it did in the past. I really get that I'm not a beggar seeking sexual favors, buy a giver of incredible gifts. One being the gift of my energy and two being the ability to open her emotions to a higher dimension of self understanding and intimacy. As result I'm getting a lot of female attention. I'm getting priority and loyalty from women as well as flirtation. Before the old SS, back in the old shitty days, I was either used or ignored by women. What a fucking difference!!!

I've wondered for awhile if SS could be taken to the place
in which average men using the system could get the same attention from women that rock stars, movie stars and professional athletes enjoy.In other words the groupie phenomenon. I think you're very close to opening us up to that. There are days lately when that's how it feels:)

Right now I'm deciding which women I want to take things
further with. I have options I didn't have before. Not too long
ago I would have f***ed the first woman who responded to my Sarge. My intuition is guiding me to an extent as well.

On the career level, I was given a lucrative opportunity
that has put me around wealthy people and their money. Oddly enough, I had no experience in this field, but the person who
hired me likes me now. Wild huh?

Anyway I bought a seat for your July magick seminar. So
I'll see you then.

Ross, Thank You for your Guts, Genius, and Friendship.

Art Simkins Riverside, Ca

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