Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Turn That *Friend* Into Your Devoted Lover!

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

It's truly amazing the questions I get.

I guess since this newsletter goes around the world and
reaches guys from every walk of life, from every kind of
culture, In every age range, you'd think guys have different
problems with women.

But when it comes to women, I've learned, we are pretty much
the same.

We all face pretty much the same challenges.

We are all pretty much trying to figure out the same

Now, here is a question I have seen many times. I'll let the
reader speak in his own voice:

"My name is XXX and I am 18 and from Ireland. I think your
material is absolutely fantastic and it has thought me so many
little things in which you should never, ever do with women! And
for that I thank you most grateful .I don't know where you
learned all of this but it really is great.

I have a problem though, and I know you are probably a very
busy man who won't reply to this but I am going to write it none
the less. I am completely falling for one of my friends. I feel
a very strong sexual attraction towards her, perhaps stronger
than I have ever felt before. I have never been closer to a
girl. We talk for hours, we are very physically close when we
are with each other but I think she may be afraid of abandoning
friendship. This is a serious gripe in my side. Is there
anything I could do effectively to bring out her true feelings
and desires without blatantly asking her? I suppose I want to
know how do you tell when a girl gets close to you whether she
is a friend or something more."

Ok, Mr. X.

The first thing to realize is, even if this girl is totally
attracted to you, to the point where she is having nightly
fantasies about you and her doing the nasty "grown-up" thang,
there is just about zero chance, especially given her young age,
that she is going to make the first physical move.

Sorry, but that just isn't the way it works.

I really wish it weren't the case that we guys almost always
have to go first.

But that is how it works.

So if you were hoping for her to make a move, or tell you
herself, it's unlikely to happen.

Now, even if she is afraid of "losing the friendship" that
doesn't mean you have to let her fears dictate where you or her
are going to go.

As I have said before, one of the key aspects of being a
leader with women, is to see where they are at, without having
to go there for yourself.

That is, you can understand her emotions, without having to
take them on for yourself.

Her fear is just that; H-E-R-S.

Stand your ground, and set the lead

Does that make sense?

Now, having set that, there are some things you can do to
accelerate this sexually and see just where you really stand.

First of all, let me tell you what I do NOT recommend.

I do NOT recommend suddenly grabbing and kissing her.


It's too rough a jump.

To go from zero contact to erotic contact(like kissing) is
just too abrupt.

So I would recommend you do some testing of her physical
boundaries first.

Now, it just so happens, women have 3 "erotic hot spots"
that seem like totally innocent places to touch.

These are:

1. The back of the neck 2. The small of the back 3. The
palm(and thumb)

(By the way, if you want to see free video clips of me
demonstrating the first two spots on a very hot female subject,
just go to:

Anyway, here is what you can do:

When you are talking to her, get up to go to the bathroom,
but as you do, reach out, and with the palm of your hand, gently
rub the back of your neck(as I illustrate on the free video on
the website).

Notice her response. If she inhales sharply, moans with
pleasure, melts under your touch, then you are on your way!

Another thing you can do is to offer to read her palm.
Don't' ask me how to do palm reading; go to the library and get
a book on it.

Anyway, you can mostly make it up. Tell her her palm shows
she is lonely. Trace your finger on her palm and tell her that
her love line is very strong, that she has strong desires.
Explain also that the palm is a strong energy center, then take
your thumb and rub her palm with your thumb.

If you see her get the "doggy dinner bowl" look; the look
that says, "kiss me now" then lean in and kiss her! If she pulls
back, don't apologize! Just look at her and say, "hmmm…it just
seemed like you needed it"!

Another thing to do(also illustrated on the website) is to
put your palm briefly on the small of her back when you are
walking somewhere. Don't keep it there. Just use it to guide her
briefly and then take it away. The small of the back is a strong
sexual energy center.

The best advice is: learn from this. Don't be too attached
to this outcome with this girl. Remember this belief;

I either get what I want, or learn what I need to in order
to get what I want or even BETTER, next time.

If you see all of this through the filter of THAT belief,
you will do way better with this girl than if you HAVE to "win".

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

Piece and Peace,


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